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Here’s how to get started with your Dash robot. Find activities, instructional videos, tips and tricks!

Launch Blockly on Chrome

Blockly is available as a mobile app (see below) and on the web. Blockly on the web is supported on Chrome Browsers. Visit code.makewonder.com to get started!

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Check out the Apps available to use with Dash. They provide an open-ended platform that makes learning to code tons of fun!

The Dash & Dot Show

Join Wally and Mimi and get more ideas with the Dash & Dot show!

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Gripper Building Kit

Build functioning arms for your robot!

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Sketch Kit

Start creating pictures, patterns, and messages with the Sketch Kit accessory for Dash. Dry erase markers in six classic colors and six project cards to spur imagination are also included.

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Launcher for Dash

Build functioning arms for your robot!

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Find more programs in the Wonder Cloud section of the Wonder App!