Sketch Kit

Draw your coded creations using Sketch Kit.

Getting Started Guide

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Program Keys:

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Draw a square

Wonder | Dash: it4q

Draw a triangle

Wonder | Dash: bhu8

Draw a heart

Wonder | Dash: zahb

Tips & Tricks

  1. Save the marker cap and put it back on the marker after using it to avoid the ink drying out.
  2. Make sure that the robot stays on a writing surface while the Sketch Kit is attached. The recommended size is 3 ft x 3 ft.
  3. Use low robot speeds when drawing. In Blockly, the best results are at the “Very Slow” speed. In Cue, the best results are at about 15 cm/s.
  4.  Check the drawing surface for bumps or debris before drawing.
  5. Check and make sure that the harness of the Sketch Kit is snapped tightly to your robot. Use the arrows and guidelines on the ear piece to check that it is properly aligned with your robot’s ear.
  6. Make sure you’re using the Wonder Workshop Dry Erase Markers that came with the Sketch Kit or Refill Pack.