Zoo Party


Turn Dash and Dot into animals, and then make Dash react when seeing Dot. Program Dash to make an animal sound when you run the program.

  • Dash
  • Dot
  • Device
Download File


The PDF Activity Guide includes keys you can use to see examples of the programs.

Level 2

Turn Dash and Dot into animals. After Dash sees Dot, Dash should start imitating Dot.

  • Transform Dash and Dot into animals of your choice.
  • Use the Dash or Dot Seen cue in your Dash program and make Dash react when seeing Dot.
  • Add to the program so that after Dash sees Dot, Dash starts imitating Dot. For example, if Dash is a lion and Dot is a chicken, Dash should start acting like a chicken after seeing Dot.
  • Remember that Dash can detect Dot, but Dot can’t detect Dash.

Try these behaviors and cues:

Level 3

The zoo animals need more friends! Work with the other kids to make your robots and their programs interact with each other in interesting ways.

  • Create programs for all of the Dash and Dot robots in your club.
  • Test the programs to make sure the robots interact the way you want when you put them close together.
  • Set up your zoo the way you want it.
  • Run all the animal programs.
  • Step back and watch the craziness!

Try these behaviors and cues:


  • Try loading your programs onto the robots so that you don’t need to use the app to run them.
  • If your cues start to interfere with one another, take some cues out and keep the program simple.

Show & Tell

Show the world your skills. Ask a trusted adult to take a video of your robot completing the challenge and share with us on social #WonderWorkshop.