Space Battle


Use the Launcher to defeat an enemy spaceship with one shot.

  • Dash
  • Device
  • Launcher
  • Balls
  • Obstacle
Download File


The PDF Activity Guide includes keys you can use to see examples of the programs.

Level 2

Make your spaceship move forward until the enemy is detected. Then use the Launcher to defeat the enemy spaceship in 3 shots, using the right and left loaders.

  • Put a target and an obstacle on your battleground.
  • Program Dash to move forward and stop when an obstacle is detected.
  • Program Dash to back up and then shoot the target. The distance Dash moves backward should be adjusted so that
  • Dash can hit the target.
  • Make Dash fire all 3 balls at the target.
  • For a little extra fun, give Dash a fun movement at the end.
  • Place your target directly in front of Dash, 3 or 4 Dash lengths away

Try these behaviors and cues:

Level 3

Explore the galaxy. When Dash the spaceship encounters an enemy, back up and shoot it with the Launcher!

  • Put an enemy obstacle anywhere in your “galaxy” (on the floor).
  • Program Dash to wander around the galaxy.
  • Use Obstacle Seen so that Dash notices the enemy obstacle.
  • Make Dash back up from the obstacle and then shoot it with the Launcher balls.
  • For a little extra fun, add sound effects.

Try these behaviors and cues:


  1. Keep the room quiet (no talking) when using the Voice Heard cue so that Dash can respond to the right voice.
  2. You can get creative and have Dash say more things after Hello World by adding additional custom sounds and moves!

Show & Tell

Show the world your skills. Ask a trusted adult to take a video of your robot completing the challenge and share with us on social #WonderWorkshop.