Hello, World!


Hello, World! has long been one of the first programs coders learn. There have been many different versions of the program.

  • Dash
  • Device
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The PDF Activity Guide includes keys you can use to see examples of the programs.

Level 2

  • ​Program Dash to turn to you and say Hello World! after you speak.
  • Try it out by saying Dash! loudly. Dash should respond by turning to you and saying Hello, World!

Try these behaviors and cues:

Level 3

  • Do your own creative version of the Hello, World! program. Program your robot to say hello to the world in your own unique way!
  • Share your Hello, World! program with the rest of the Dash & Dot community by posting a video and tagging it with #makewonder

Try these behaviors and cues:


  • Keep the room quiet (no talking) when using the Voice Heard cue so that Dash can respond to the right voice.
  • You can get creative and have Dash say more things after Hello World by adding additional custom sounds and moves!

Show & Tell

Show the world your skills. Ask a trusted adult to take a video of your robot completing the challenge and share with us on social #WonderWorkshop.