Compose and loop some original tunes or play some old favorites as Dash drives around!

Try out these Ideas!

Tips & Tricks

Tips on how to calibrate the xylophone:

  1. Place Dash on a flat surface. Press firmly to snap the xylophone in place. Check that its wheel is resting on the ground in front of Dash.
  2. Line up the mallet’s connector ring with the connection point on the left side of Dash’s head. (If you are facing the robot, its left is to your right.)
  3. Press firmly to snap the mallet into place.
  4. To make sure the mallet is properly aligned, check that it is level (pointing straight forward) when Dash’s head and eye are facing straight ahead.
  5. Once the xylophone is connected, Dash is ready to play!

Tips on how to make Dash move while playing the Xylophone:

  1. When you are done composing your song, tap the oval with motion words underneath each measure to make Dash move while playing.